Monday, May 21, 2012

Same trailer, different day

I realize this photo of the interior of Jemimah doesn’t really appear any different than the last one, but from a photographer’s perspective it is different. I needed a better version hosted on the internet somewhere. Smile

I have to say, Jemimah is really getting homey. And one of the best parts of this fix-up project is that I’ve been able to combine two things that I love – getting Jemimah ready to camp, and re-using/refashioning thrifted items. All the curtains, some of the pillows, and the mattress cover were thrifted fabrics (some were clothes in their previous life). Some of the bits and pieces used to fix her up have also been found or thrifted. That’s part of the fun – treasure hunting for tongue jacks, furnace regulators, or pillow covers.

Another shot of Jemimah interior

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