Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Jemimah has had fun this summer!

We haven’t gotten out quite as often as I’d hoped – this summer has been crazy-busy – but Jemimah has had a great time anyway. A couple weeks ago we packed her up and headed off to Salmon Lake (northeast of Missoula, Montana). It was a great trip! This was the first trip that didn’t require a trip back home or to the store for something we forgot. Yay! Success!

Here a few shots of Jemimah and her denizens.

Little Man wasn’t sure about playing in the lake.

I think Dale found out horseshoes is a bit harder than Dad makes it look!

Jemimah at Salmon Lake
Here’s a view of our campsite.

Ken does dishes
My darling does dishes!
Ken studying
And he does school work.

huckleberry hunting
Huckleberry hunting.

dancing in the trailer
Little Man did enjoy cruising around the trailer while I cooked or washed dishes.

Jemimah was a superstar! It was so comfortable to sleep on that bed, and so easy to cook at clean! It was especially easy to clean because I taught the bigger boys how to wash dishes in the trailer kitchen. Smile


Oh, I forgot to mention that Jemimah is finally a legal Montana resident. She got her permanent Montana plates right before this trip. The next thing she’s going to get is a whole bunch of new drawer slides. It is quite frustrating to deal with the old, old, old ones she currently has.

We’ll be back with more pictures of Jemimah’s adventures after the church campout this coming weekend!