Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Reconstructive Surgery

Jemimah needs some reconstructive surgery (she is 41 years old, after all), so Ken started working on it today. He took the skin off the front and discovered this - 

In case you can't read them, the words say, "REPAIR THIS." But then it's crossed out. Uh...guys who crossed it out - I think you forgot to do something. I think you forgot to REPAIR THIS. 

So did they skip the repair and just put the skin back on? Poor Jemimah.

Here's a quick shot of the beginning of Jemimah's surgery. She's gonna be beautiful again by spring! (I'm not promising which spring.) 

Chin up, Jemimah - Ken will fix you up! And give you a makeover in the process. 

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Jemimah goes to Lee Creek Campground

Yay for Jemimah! Scrivnerburg went on the road to spend four days at Lee Creek Campground on Highway 12 out of Lolo, MT. Jemimah had a new gray water setup and a functional new step, so she was all set for the journey. 

We didn't have a campground reservation, so we just checked out each campground as we traveled out toward the Idaho border. We found a site we liked at the last campground inside Montana. 

We were set up and ready for camping in short order. We had a lot of relaxing to do!

It was a pretty rainy trip. It rained off and on the whole time we were there, but we had a great time anyway. 

Gavin's favorite activity was walking the loop. He would walk around and around and around. When we would stop walking with him he would give us a 30 second break and then say, "Way?" In his vocabulary that means, "Can we go that way?"

We also had to switch up some sleeping arrangements. It rained the first night and all the tenters got wet, so most of them slept in vehicles the rest of the time. Dale toughed it out in his tent, but three boys slept in the suburban and Kriss and Kristi slept in Kriss' SUV. Gavin and Caleb slept in the trailer with Ken and I. That was interesting too...

We played Yahtzee, roasted marshmallows, and spent a lot of time just sitting around the fire. Much credit goes to Kriss for showing our kids how to find dry wood when it's raining. (Down at the creek where the big trees grow they could find dry wood under the big trees.)

Oh, and we sorta played Uno. When you play Uno with a young toddler the goal of the game is for the toddler to be the only one with cards - hence the name Uno. 

Caleb and Nathan wanted to try out the solar shower, so we made a little shower stall and let them give it a try. I'm not sure they were any cleaner when they came out than when they went in, but they had fun. We used heated water because we didn't have enough sun to warm the water, and it was a bit cool for a cold shower.

Overall, it was a great trip despite the rain. The last day was even more fun because some friends of ours showed up to camp and our kids were able to play with their kids. Fun times!

Thanks, Jemimah, for another fun trip!