Monday, October 1, 2012

One More Jaunt for Jemimah

Just when we thought Jemimah was done traveling for the year, we had an opportunity to spend a weekend in Haugan, Montana. Where is Haugan, you ask? Well, how ‘bout a map?

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Our church (Bitterroot Family Fellowship) spent the weekend with New Day Network Ministry in Haugan and St. Regis, Montana. We had food, fellowship, fun, and we threw a bit of work in there too. Most of these photos don’t have Jemimah, but most do have one or another of her inhabitants.

Our lovely Jemimah still needs a bunch of work – some replacement paneling (and who knows what we’ll find when we remove the paneling that’s there), a new refrigerator, a fixed-up (gutted and rebuilt?) bathroom… but she’s cozy and takes good care of her people. For the winter I will use Jemimah as my office – that’s a great option! But I’m already looking forward to getting her ready for next summer’s travels.

Stay tuned for the future adventures of a trailer named Jemimah!