Monday, July 15, 2013

Grand Adventure, Here We Come!

The day has finally arrived! Jemimah is loaded, lights have been checked, she's hitched up... It's time!

On our way out we made a quick stop to visit our friends at Sport Land Trailer on Lolo. Jemimah's tongue jack needed to be replaced so we did that quickly and Ken took a few moments to show Brian how the work was progressing inside the trailer. 

The day was beautiful and the trip over to Sprague, Washington was good. Ken had been a bit concerned about pulling Jemimah over Lookout Pass, but he said it was much easier than he expected. This new Suburban can handle it, even if it is a 5.3 liter. 

We stopped for the night at Sprague Lake Resort. It's a nice, small campground right on Sprague Lake. The pull-throughs are on grass, and we had a little trouble getting the trailer level, but it was a pleasant place to stay. We will very likely stay there on the way home, too. 

The town of Sprague is quaint, old, and charming. Everything that might be open was closed because it was Saturday evening when we were touring around. It didn't look like we were missing much in the way of commerce though. We passed a grocery, a Post Office, and a bank that looked like they might be in use. Oh, and the Chevron. That was open. 

Oh, one more note about Sprague...trains. It's and lotsa trains. If you enjoy railroad photography you will have many opportunities to shoot trains in this area. If train noise bothers you. Come prepared with earplugs. The whistles aren't too too loud at the campground, but in town they're ears plotting if you're not used to that kind of noise. 

Still, a lovely night in the middle of nowhere. 

Mary Queen of Heaven Catholic Church, Sprague, Washington. 

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