Monday, July 8, 2013

A New Fridge!

I'm sure you know that Jemimah's original refrigerator didn't work anymore. It wasn't possible to get that brand repaired or remanufactured, so we've been hunting for a reasonably priced replacement for months. A couple weeks ago I found a potentially workable replacement through Craigslist. The seller took a while to get back to me, but when he did it was with good news! The refrigerator was still available, the dimensions were pretty close, and the price was right!

There goes the old fridge! Yes, we had to remove the biggest window to get the old one out. 

The new refrigerator was near Billings so Ken and I had a 36 hour getaway. Fun times, including my first ever trip to Cabela's!

We were thrilled with the new appliance - so much better than what we had expected. Yay!

Then we got home...

The new fridge wasn't going to go in through the door, the window, or any other opening available to us. 'Know what that means? That means we put a new opening in Jemimah's side. 

After a fair amount of measuring, cutting, adjusting, and hmmmmming the refrigerator finally made it inside the trailer. 

Yeah... It's in but not installed. Minor detail

But then my fabulous husband got to work, and not only was it installed, but it also had a great frame around it to stabilize it and make it look pretty. Did I mention that my husband is amazing?

Now we (do you like how I pretend I'm helping?) just have to get the AC, DC, and propane hooked up and it will be ready to keep our food fresh! Jemimah and I are so excited!

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