Wednesday, May 4, 2016

A favorite campground

Jemimah and I are so eager to get out and go camping! Since it’s not quite time for that yet (at least not for us), I thought I’d share a bit about some of our favorite campgrounds.
I’ve already mentioned Charles Waters Campground here. It is part of the Bass Creek Recreation area. The campground isn’t big, but it’s lovely. There’s a nice little loop near the entrance, and another section of sites that extends to the west. The campground also has a wonderful, large field for kids to play in. It’s a fantastic place for kite flying!
Our favorite campsite is at the end of the road to the west - it give us good access to the field for the kids.

There was a lot of rain on this particular trip, so we created a tent/tarp city.

I think the family was coming back from a tromp through the woods here.

Bass Creek Trail is a nice hiking trail. As my daughter said, the dam and Beaver Pond are just up the trail a ways…around that next curve. (Yeah, right - it’s actually about a 2.5 mile hike up to the pond.) It’s a nice hike, with a lovely reward.
This was early on the trail. So pretty!

The views at the pond are worth the hike.
If you decide to check out Charles Waters Campground, be sure to have protection against bugs - there are mosquitos, ticks, and a bunch of other tiny irritants. There is potable water, and they have vault toilets. They also have a place to dispose of garbage. I think there is one site with electricity - a handicap accessible one - but no electricity isn’t an issue for our family. We generally bring our own firewood - I don’t know if the campground host has firewood or not. If that’s not an option, you can find it at the stores in nearby Stevensville.
It’s really a wonderful place to spend a few days. If you are through the area, let me know what you think of Charles Waters Campground!