Monday, June 18, 2012

Fun with Jemimah

Last weekend we went to Bass Creek Recreation Area for two days. The weather wasn’t too promising on our first afternoon, but it improved quite nicely the next day. We had some fun adventures!

Bass creek campsite

Whatcha watchin  Kristi on the radio

campsite visitor

another visitor

roasting marshmallows

This trip included some other “stuff” that wasn’t as fun – a camping neighbor that made us a little uncomfortable, a couple minor trips to the first aid kit… But it also included the first good night’s sleep in Jemimah – I finally figured out how to fix our bed up so it was cushy and comfy! Yay!

Jemimah behaved like a perfect lady the whole weekend – the battery worked perfectly to run the water pump, we stayed nice and cozy despite the lack of a heater, and we had no difficulties when it was time to dump the black water tank. It was our first time doing that, but there were no re-creations of the awful scene in RV. Whew!

We won’t be camping again for a few weeks because we have Vacation Bible School coming up, but I’m really looking forward to our next trip!

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